offers you a range of mini electric scooters for adults which are equipped with powerful 250W and 200W single drive motors. Our mini electric scooters for adults are one of the best products for portable electric transportation as it offers many benefits to the users. 250W powerful motor allows for a top maximum speed of 25 MPH under normal road and medium weight. Having a powerful motor and long range battery life enables the passenger to ride the scooter without any difficulty.

Compared to other electric scooter brands in the market, our mini electric scooters for adults has a long range battery life which enables the passenger to ride the scooter without any difficulty. Customer does not have to spend much time to charge the scooter as the average charging time for this scooter is 3-4 hours. The product material used for manufacturing is Aluminium, therefore it prevents the scooter from rust. Our mini electric scooters for adults also relatively cheap in price and better in quality compared to other scooters in the global market. Long lasting battery life with less charging hours is one of the major advantage with our mini electric scooters for adults. They are convenient in usage as mini electric scooters for adults are simple and have few parts, they are also compact, easy to park, and are portable.

This weighs just 8.5kg, therefore an able to be easily carried or moved as they are less in weight. Rear breaking system which is equipped with 6-inch and 8-inch tires with rear hub brake system provide a safer passenger riding. Having high quality 6-inch and 8-inch scooter tires offer a better balance , excellent comfort and safety to the passenger. Mini electric scooters for adults is also equipped with LCD display that displays speed level and battery level to the passenger. This helps the passenger to get to know about the speed levels and battery level for a safe riding. The mini electric scooters for adults available in are environmentally friendly as they are fully operated with electric battery that ensures noise-free rides and does not emit any smoke to the environment.

Shenzhen Tenbuy CX Industrial Gruop Hot-selling products: 6 Inch Mini Electric Scooter6 Inch Mini Electric Scooter for Adult8 Inch Mini Electric Scooter.

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