Using an electric scooter is an economical transportation way compared with other transportation forms. Its less expensive, user friendly, environmentally friendly, less maintenance cost and do not have to spend a lot of time in searching for a suitable parking space are some of the main advantages. Therefore there is a sudden rise in scooter usage to reduce the urban transportation issues in the heavily populated cities in the world.

However the number of the scooter accidents also have increased due to unawareness of the safety regulations and not taking necessary precautions by the scooter passengers. According to the research conducted by UCLA researchers, most electric scooter accidents so far are at 80.2% was simply falling off the scooter. 11% of patients were involved in a collision with an object, while 8.8% of patients were hit by a moving vehicle or object while riding an electric scooter. The regulations of most of the scooter sharing companies in the world are riders to be 18 years old or above, to wear a helmet, have a driver’s license, stay off the sidewalk, and refrain from double riding. But unfortunately most of the passengers neglect these regulations and being ended up with severe and minor accidents.

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