In order to meet the needs of people’s short-distance travel, more and more means of transportation appear in people’s lives. Electric scooter occupies a major place in various transportation ways because of its advantages of energy-saving, portable, environmental protection, easy operation and fast speed. Electric scooters have become popular during recent years as they have a great practicability in short distance travelling and going to work. This article will help you get an idea about the ways of folding and placing electric scooters.

3 steps of folding

Step no. 01: There are two folding locks on the upper crossbar of the electric scooter handle, and the lock is held on both sides to pull the handle downwards.

Step no.02: Open the vertical folding lock of the electric scooter and close the handle downward.

Step no. 03: There are two folding buttons on the connecting bridge between the front wheel and the pedal. Press two folding lock buttons into the bridge by hand, and fold the body naturally until you hear the sound “click” and the body is folded. You just need to lift the electric skateboard car and place it in the open space.

3 steps of expanding

Step no. 01: Open the connection bridge between the front wheel and pedal of the electric scooter. Unlike folding, press the button on the left to open the body.

Step no. 02 : Open the folding clasp of the electric scooter handle.

Step no. 03: Raise the vertical rod and adjust the height to the proper position. Then the  electric scooter can run normally.

When scooter is folded, it has a smaller body size which can be carried easily.

Therefore it will make more flexible and convenient to the user.

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