Recently, a common type of vehicles that can be seen everywhere, specially in walking parks is electric scooter. Electric scooter is light, portable, strong, and highly praised by everyone. Th emergence of electric scooter to the global market, does not only solve the trouble of short-distance walking but also it does save a lot of time. The electric scooter can move forward reliably by twisting the body without foot sliding. It can do various fancy movements, cooperate with waist twisting, and achieve remarkable slimming effect. It can also enhance the individual’s balance ability of recreational fitness activities. The main benefits of using an electric scooter can be described as follows.

  1. Light weight, portable and strong.

Electric scooters are manufactured with light and strong carbon fibers as the main frame of the scooter body. So it is easy to lift without any difficulty and it is easier to put it in the trunk of the car or carry it on the subway.

  1. Easy to slide and can be pushed or pulled.

Batteries are durable as they are imported from Japan. Due to the durability, scooter can drive more longer distance and hours. It is amazing how a portable electric device can run for 35-60 kilometers.

  1. Able to drive anywhere without any disturbance.

The electric scooter has strong adaptability to any strong road surface and is so capricious that it can able pulled according to the willingness of the rider. It can be able to drive not only on flat roads but also on uphill or downhill roads.

  1. Has a small body but with a strong power.

The electric scooter is strong, steady and stable. It comes from high-performance configuration, low noise and maintenance-free. Generally, 19.5kg weight scooter has such a performance speed of 40km/h that it can easily surmount even steep slopes or small obstacles.

  1. Use it as you like, scooter is extraordinary.

Electric scooters can be used as you go, and accompany you. Even without any power assistance, you can easily slide.

  1. Front and rear mechanical disc brakes.

While electric scooters bring convenience to us, we should pay more attention to safety issues. Most of electric scooters are equipped with front and rear double disc brake system, which has superior performance and good braking performance, and always ensures riding safety.

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