In the modern world, time is considered as a precious element. One second or one minute cannot be neglected with the busy life of humans. According to research statistics, in daily life, people spend a lot of their time in traffic jams. In order to solve this problem, there are many alternative walking tools in the market such as electric scooters, electric balancing scooters, electric unicycles and twisting cars. Due to the availability of many alternatives, choosing a suitable alternative has become a challenging decision. Therefore this article will help you to get few suggestions about selecting a suitable alternative among electric self balancing unicycle and electric scooter.

This article will mention about the bearing capacity, endurance, driving difficulty and speed of the electric self balancing unicycle and electric scooter.

  1. Bearing capacity

The bearing capacity of the electric self balancing unicycle does not have much difference with the electric scooter. But, as the pedal of the electric scooter is wider, it can carry two people in need, so the electric scooter is relatively more advantageous in carrying capacity.

  1. Endurance capacity

The self-balancing unicycle has only one driving wheel. In terms of endurance, usually self-balancing unicycle is better than the electric scooter with the same battery capacity. Simply, the highest speed and the driving mode performs well in self-balancing unicycle with the same battery capacity. The longer the endurance, the more weight the electric scooter or the self – balancing vehicle will increase correspondingly. In this regard, both electric tools are relatively consistent.

  1. Driving difficulty

The driving mode of electric scooter is similar to self-balancing unicycle. In-terms of stability, self-balancing unicycle is more superior. Self-balancing unicycle itself has no control device. It only relies on the self-balancing function of the computer and the driver’s perception about the vehicle and driving intention to brake. Although the driving style of the self-balancing vehicle is more fashionable and easy to learn, it still needs a period of practice to achieve very precise control.

  1. Speed

The electric scooter has two wheels, and the acceleration and braking device of the electric scooter can be manually controlled. So the control system in the electric scooter is more direct. Therefore, the normal speed will be higher. Due to the safety measures of the passenger, the speed of the electric scooter is generally up to 20km/h. But if it goes beyond this speed limit, it will be more dangerous for the safety of the passenger. Although the single-wheel self-balancing vehicle can achieve a wider speed in theory, due to safety considerations, manufacturers usually control its speed in the range of 20 kilometers per hour. So that the speed difference between the two vehicles in actual driving do not have much difference.


In general, the difference in portability, endurance and speed between electric balancing unicycle and electric scooter is not obvious. In terms of passing and speed, electric balancing unicycle is more advantageous than electric scooter, while electric scooter is better than self-balancing unicycle in carrying capacity and portability.

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